NEWlife worldwide ministries is a ministry of discipleship, committed to helping defeated  believers find victory over the daily obstacles of life.

Many discipleship programs are built on what we don’t have – a satisfying marriage, a good witnessing schedule, effective bible study techniques, and so on.

NEWlife builds on what the Christian has – the Lord Jesus living IN the believer, resident and ABIDING there by personal invitation. There is nothing that the nearness of the Lord will not cure.

It is when we understand the abiding principle of John 15, that we begin to enjoy the abundance of Him who is Abundant Life. In this analogy of the branch abiding in the vine, our life is grafted into His life. All that He is flows through us, to produce nothing less than His Life! Our only effort is to REST. Amazing!

NEWlife works with the Christian church. We are not commanded to build churches, we are commanded to make disciples. As we make disciples who are built into Him, we believe that the Lord Jesus will fulfill His promise to build His church

Ray Andrews
Ray AndrewsExecutive Director
RAY ANDREWS is the Executive Director of NEWlife training & counselling, incorporating NEWlife worldwide ministries in Australia.